Specialist areas

Cases before the Courts of Cassation, the Councils of State at national level and the UK Supreme Court

Preliminary rulings to refer to the Court of Justice of the European Union

Geoffroy De Foestraets, Hugh Mercer, Fergus Randolph, Antonio Giuffrida, Roberta Ribeiro Oertel, Yohann Rimokh

Cases before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

Use of human rights and fundamental rights in national procedures

Jean-Jacques Forrer, Loredana Tassone

Cases before the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union

Actions before the European Commission

Preliminary rulings raised by the national courts

Jean-Paul Hordies, Jean-Jacques Forrer, Hugh Mercer, Fergus Randolph

National and European administrative litigation

Litigation related to proposals and execution of procurement contracts

Constitutional law litigation

Yohann Rimokh, Geoffroy De Foestraets

Personal data protection rights

Data Protection Officer issues

Legal aspects of the BIG DATA and e-commerce

Loredana Tassone, Océane Phan-Tan-Luu, Geoffrey Besnier

Preliminary rulings before Employment Tribunals

European strategy relating to Collective labour law

European law arguments to raise in litigation before national lower courts and courts of appeal

Nathalie Attias,Jean-Paul Hordies

Preliminary questions based on national and European tax law

Negotiations with national tax authorities based on European tax law

European tax law litigation at national level

Delphine Gallin, Geoffroy De Foestraets, Jean-Paul Hordies

Notification procedure of public subsidies

Negotiations with the European Commission

Validation of compliance with procedures within public authorities

National and European state aid litigation

Jean-Paul Hordies,Delphine Gallin, Yohann Rimokh

Trademark law, patent law, models and design rights

Trademark litigation before the General Court of the European Union

Trademark registration

Products and services distribution rights/law

Distribution networks and commercial practices

Roberta Ribeiro Oertel,Océane Phan-Tan-Luu

Why choose

Our specialist service offer is unparalleled, innovative and unique in Europe.
It is targeted at companies, private individuals, public bodies, public authorities....

On a daily basis our lawyer members assist litigants as well as lawyers established in various member states, namely :

  • when the services of a lawyer entitled to appear before a final jurisdiction is required

  • to seek, handle and argue a preliminary ruling before the Court of Justice of the European Union

  • to file, handle and plead a case before Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

  • when a complaint needs to be filed and dealt with before the European Commission in Brussels, any complaint regarding a breach of European Treaty or a breach of competition rules and/or to act for any party involved in such proceedings

  • to raise relevant arguments of European Law at all stages of the procedure before all subordinated jurisdictions in Europe

  • to build a European strategy, if need be before several jurisdictions of the Member States of the European Union

  • to conduct necessary negotiations with the public authorities, national and European

  • to provide introductions to professional consultants (market intelligence, strategic monitoring and advice, high level contacts at national and European institutions)

  • by proposing adapted budgets, fixed fee or results-based proposals, when possible or appropriate, confirmed by a written agreement.